Clear Connection: How Windows Enhance Your Living Space

Setting up your home theatre room in your family home

Having a home theatre room can be a great way to enjoy movies and TV shows at home, without the expense and bother of heading out to the cinema. It's particularly popular with parents who love being able to have a home date night without needing to organise babysitting. Here are some tips to get your home theatre set up.  

Window tinting

While block-out blinds can be useful for keeping all of the sun's rays, it can also be useful to have some window tinting applied to the theatre room. This can reduce the amount of sun and UV rays coming into the theatre room during the day when it may be used mainly for cartoons and daytime kids TV shows, and you may still want some natural light coming into the room. It can also help to preserve your furniture and carpeting from fading in the sunlight. The tinting reduces glare through the window so that the TV can operate to its best efficiency. Click here for more info.

Comfy couches

When you are selecting your couches, choose some that are comfortable to sit or lay on, so that people can be totally comfortable in any position. It's best to slightly overestimate how much seating you have, as you may like to start inviting more friends over to entertain at home once you've got your home theatre all set up. If you have kids it can be useful to also get some large cushions so that they can sprawl on the ground if they prefer. 

You might also like to consider how people will be able to store popcorn and other movie snacks, and drinks. Some theatre couches even include holes in the armrest for drinks, so you can truly have a cinema experience. If that doesn't work you can always opt for corner tables and benches that can be used for stashing movies snacks.  

Air conditioning

If you are operating a TV in a closed space it can be surprising how much heat is generated by your audio-visual system. It can often be useful to have some fans or air conditioning added to the room to create some air movements and cooling and keep you comfortable in all weather. 

A home theatre system can be a great way to save money and spend time with your family at home, no matter what the weather. Setting up the home theatre system properly can help you enjoy your favourite shows and movies in all their glory.