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Tips for Maintaining Skylights

There are many different ways that you can add value to your property. Having skylights installed allows you to add natural light into your home and increase the aesthetic appeal of any space. Skylights are normally installed by professionals, but it is possible to care and maintain them on your own. As long as you are aware of the most effective maintenance tips for skylights, you can make sure that they are functioning properly and look great in your home.

Make Cleaning Solution

Cleaning your skylights allows you to have no glare or debris on your skylights. The best way to clean this type of glass is to make your own cleaner. Most of the cleaners that you can purchase at the store are more abrasive and also cause streaking. Instead, you can make your own non-streaking cleaning solution using ingredients like water, ammonia and rubbing alcohol. This cleaning solution is most affordable and it has been recommended as one of the solutions designed not to leave behind streaks. Using cold water is the trick when you are making this cleaning solution.

Time of Cleaning

It is also recommended that you choose to clean your skylights during the time of day that is not at high noon. The hottest parts of the day are not ideal for cleaning this type of window on your ceiling. You never want to try and clean the surface of your skylight when direct sunlight is visible. If sun hits the cleaning solution, this will lead to streaking.

Water Rinse

It is suggested that you soak the skylight with cleaner initially and wipe it off using a rag. You should then apply only water to the glass and use a squeegee to dry it off. Also be sure that all of the corners are dried using a rag to reduce the risk of dripping.

Using Blade

When you are trying to remove debris like tree sap, paint or other construction materials from your skylight, it is possible to use a razor blade. However, you need to be careful that you are using a new blade that is small in size. Always scrape only in one direction. When you scrape in a back and forth motion, it is possible to cause abrasion of the glass, which can lead to permanent damage. When you are cleaning your skylight, it is a good idea to inspect it for any flashing damage or finish wear that could lead to a leak.