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Which Frames Are Best for Skylights?

There is no single material that is best for skylights or any other sort of fenestration unit. In fact, windows will often work perfectly well regardless of the framing material. In other words, all of the different frames have pros and cons and what really matters is the quality of the seals or gaskets that are used to fix the panes of glass in place within the frame. That said, most decent manufacturers will use high-quality seals so the main decision that you need to make is whether to opt for uPVC, wooden or aluminium-constructed frames. Read on to find out more about the benefits and drawbacks of each. 

uPVC Frames

To begin with, uPVC is widely used in all sorts of fenestration units including skylights. As such, it is a highly reliable material that tends to offer no problems over the course of the lifetime of the product. Indeed, when used as a window frame, uPVC requires next to no maintenance. The frame just needs to be wiped over when the panes of glass are cleaned to keep it looking good. What's even better is that uPVC is an inexpensive material that can be cut to length on demand making it ideal for non-standard-sized frames. However, because it is so common and so cheap, it doesn't necessarily have the greatest aesthetic qualities. Some people are put off uPVC simply because it looks a little ordinary.

Wooden Frames

A more expensive option than uPVC, skylights with wooden frames look classy and offer just the right appearance for older properties that are undergoing loft conversions. This is especially so if the rest of the building has wooden window frames, of course. You can paint them any colour you like, too, but bear in mind that wooden frames will need to be repainted every few years if they are to last. Note that wooden skylights required more regular attention than window frames because they tend to lie flatter and are more exposed to rainwater as a consequence.

Aluminium Frames

Requiring no maintenance and offering high tensile strength, aluminium is an ideal material for framing a larger skylight or one that will be hard to reach after being installed. Some people worry about the look of them but because they're strong, the frame will end up sitting in the background taking up very little space. You can have them powder coated, but this is not essential because they are fine in most situations with their own, silvery finish.

To learn more about skylights, reach out to a window contractor near you.