DIY Tips for Installing Glass Pane on Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows have become popular in Australia for many reasons. Apart from being inexpensive, aluminium windows are durable, strong, and low maintenance. If you decide to replace the traditional wood or vinyl windows in your home with aluminium framing, it is essential to learn and understand the glass pane installation process. This article highlights tips for installing glass panes on aluminium windows as a DIY enthusiast. Remove the vinyl strips first.

The Allure of Double Glazed Windows for Your Home

The most commonly used glass for windows is annealed glass. It is a popular option since it is affordable, but the single-paned nature of this glass means that there is not much they provide for the home in regards to energy efficiency. As homeowners are becoming more aware of how inefficient this glass is to their properties, there has been a rise in interest concerning double glazed glass. Contrary to annealed glass, the double glazed alternative comprises two panes that have been fused together.