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DIY Tips for Installing Glass Pane on Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows have become popular in Australia for many reasons. Apart from being inexpensive, aluminium windows are durable, strong, and low maintenance. If you decide to replace the traditional wood or vinyl windows in your home with aluminium framing, it is essential to learn and understand the glass pane installation process. This article highlights tips for installing glass panes on aluminium windows as a DIY enthusiast.

Remove the vinyl strips first. Glass on aluminium framing is usually secured using vinyl strips. During window pane replacement, some people make the mistake of pulling the glass off the vinyl joints. Other people hit the glass and break it into smaller pieces before scraping off the remaining bits from the frame. While the above methods work, they are time-consuming and dangerous. To be safe and save time, start the process by removing the vinyl strips. You can do it by running a flathead screwdriver along the joints of the strips. Once the strips come off, you can pull the glass pane off safely. Do not worry about destroying the vinyl strips because you can buy them at the local store at fair rates.

Take measurements after removing glass panes. Another mistake that people make when replacing the glass on aluminium window frames is taking measurements while the vinyl is still on. For instance, when a window pane breaks, most homeowners take the measure before removing the glass; however, you might end up buying a smaller window pane. The best time to take measurements for a window pane replacement is after both the glass and the vinyl have come off. Taking measurements from an empty aluminium window frame allows room for the vinyl. Besides, measure the thickness of the glass pane because a thicker or thinner glass will not fit in the frame snugly.

Clean plastic gasket.  If the reason for replacing a window glass pane is breakage, then merely sweeping away the broken pieces from the frame is not enough. It is especially the case if your aluminium window uses a plastic gasket as a waterproofing option instead of vinyl. Since window frame gaskets are reusable, fixing a new window pane using a recycled gasket with remnants of broken glass might chip the new glass. Consequently, it can create weak points and make the new glass pane susceptible to breakages. Therefore, before reusing a plastic gasket, use a damp cloth to clean it thoroughly to remove any glass or dirt particles.