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Answers to Commonly Asked Questions about Home Window Tinting

Getting your home's windows tinted is a good idea, especially if you live in the tropics and want to block some sunlight from outside to keep the temperature cool and comfortable. Window tinting usually refers to a type of film that is put over the windows themselves and which adheres very closely to the glass so that it's virtually permanent. There are different types of film that you can find for windows and which work for different purposes, so you need to ensure you find the right type and have it applied properly in order for it to work as it should. Note a few questions you might have about window tinting so you know what to expect.

1. What is the difference between solar film and safety film?

Solar film is made to block out the sun's UV rays so that your home's interior stays cool and so that your carpet and upholstery are protected from fading. This film isn't always necessarily meant to provide safety from the glass actually breaking, as it may be dark or have special tint to block the sun but isn't necessarily strong and thick.

On the other hand, safety film is meant to be strong and keep window panes from shattering if they should break or keep them from breaking altogether. They may not necessarily block out UV rays or protect the inside temperature of a home even if they're somewhat dark, so it's good to know the difference between the two. Safety film may simply be tinted dark for the sake of appearance and not to protect a home's interior. Note the UV protection of film if that's what you need and also the safety rating or thickness of film if you're looking to keep the windows from breaking.

2. Can window tinting be placed over stickers and decals?

This often depends on the stickers and decals themselves; if they're very thick then they may need to be removed. You may also want to consider if they can be easily seen under a darkly tinted film. It's also good to think about stickers from your alarm company; these may need to be removed and then replaced over the window film itself so that they still dissuade break-ins.

Note too that if you try to remove certain stickers on your own with products that are meant to dissolve glue, these may leave behind a residue that might interfere with the window tinting film. It's good to ensure that the windows are as clean as possible and, if necessary, have them professionally cleaned before adding window tinting so the film adheres as it should.

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