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Considerations for Selecting the Right Interior Bi-Fold Door

There are numerous doors in the market to consider when choosing an interior product to improve the functionality and aesthetics of your residential space. The most suitable choice for you will depend on the potential application, the available space, your budget and even the desired appearance. One of the designs that you should consider is the bi-fold door. As implied, this door consists of two pieces that are hinged to allow the door to fold into itself. They are attractive for internal use, and they do not take up too much space because of the folding action. If you are considering installing this type of interior bi-fold door into your home, here are the main aspects that you should evaluate before purchase.

Framing Material

There are two main materials utilised in the fabrication of the frames in interior bi-fold doors: timber and aluminium. You should compare both of these options in terms of cost, appearance, durability and maintenance before making a decision. Timber is favourable because it has authentic and warm appeal in the home. However, you should consider its sensitivity to moisture and heat because these could shorten the product lifespan.

Solid wood is an attractive choice, but you should consider choosing engineered alternatives. These are less susceptible to moisture damage and have better dimensional stability. If you choose softwood frames, ensure that they are treated to limit the risk of rotting and warping. Aluminium is a lightweight material, so it is ideal for interior use, and it is not vulnerable to water damage and heat. However, the appearance is best suited for contemporary homes.

Tracked vs. Trackless

The bi-fold can be designed to operate through a tracked or a trackless system. This will determine the maintenance requirements of the door area and even the maximum size of the interior door. As implied, the tracked systems have a track installed on the floor to guide the opening and closing motion of the door. The threshold strip or the metal track is not visually appealing, and it can be difficult to clean when dirt is trapped. However, this style will allow heavier and larger doors to be supported more securely. Trackless systems are supported and operated by top-hung gears, so the option is more attractive.

Infill Glass

The infill glass in the bi-fold door panels will affect the durability and the visual impact of the door. You should choose toughened glass for better impact resistance. In addition, you can select clear or decorative if you want an open-space or ornamental effect, respectively.