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Tips On How You Can Remove Bi-fold Doors From A Closet

There is more than one reason to falling in love with bi-fold doors. In addition to their beauty, bi-fold doors have an incredible flexibility in design which makes them easy to operate. The flexibility allows you to open the door fully, partially, or close it completely. And all these functions can be performed on a confined space, something that rarely happens with other types of doors. But despite all these benefits, you may still feel the urge of removing your bi-fold doors at some point. It could be that they are old, broken, or you just need a change.

How The Door Is Connected 

Bi-fold doors come in pairs and are usually suspended from an overhead track.  Each pair has two types of pins: guide and pivot pins. These pins are in fixed brackets and are used for fastening the door on the track. The top of the door has both types of pins while the bottom of the door only has a pivot pin. Besides securing the door, the pivot pin also slides along the track to enhance the opening and closing of the door.

Putting The Door Down

To put the door down, first you need to open the door in a way that both panels of the door are against each other. Then grasp the sides of the panels and try to lift the door up. This makes it possible to compress as well as engage the spring that is located on the top pivot spring. And due to the complex nature of the task, you may no longer be able to do the job on our own. Hence seek assistance from your neighbor or friend.

Then hold the panels (lower half) at an angle that is slightly away from the closet. This enables you to pull the door from the lower pin bracket. The last step is separating the upper track and the top pivot pin. And this is done by simply pulling down the door.

If the height of your bi-fold door is not convenient for you to work with, you can always adjust it by working on the bottom pivots. To lower the door, screw the pivots in a clockwise direction. Raise it by screwing the bottom pivots in a counterclockwise direction. If you are planning to install a new bi-fold door, it is not necessary to remove the remove the track. First try the new door on the old tracks and check if they work well with each other.