Clear Connection: How Windows Enhance Your Living Space

Window Styles You Could Consider When Renovating Your Residence

If you are looking to update the look of your home without engaging in extensive renovations, you should consider changing your windows. Homeowners typically overlook the window style of their home, thus never consider changing it to something else. However, opting for something different not only gives your home a facelift, but it also could enhance the functionality of your windows. Here are some window styles that you could consider when renovating your residence.

Bi-fold style of windows

When people think of bi-folds, they usually associate them with doors. Over the years, though, more and more homeowners are incorporating this style into their windows too. This particular style is best for large windows as it gives you the flexibility to open them as far or as little as you want. Additionally, the bi-fold windows can be used as connectors between two rooms. For instance, installing them as a panel of windows on your patio gives you the chance to incorporate the indoor-outdoor lifestyle of modern home design.  

Double hung style of windows

It should be noted that double hung windows used to be a staple in older homes. However, as time passed and technology advanced, they gradually became phased out from modern home designs. Nevertheless, they have started making a comeback in recent times! One of the biggest benefits of double hung windows is that you have the flexibility of choosing to open your windows from either up or down. As such, you can opt to open the window at the bottom to let in a cool breeze, or at the top to release hot air that is rising in the home. Double hung style of windows typically come in either aluminium or wood, hence, you can be assured of finding a look that will complement the overall design of your home.  

Transom style of windows

Transoms are miniature windows that are installed on top of doorways or above larger windows. They also come in an arched variation, which is referred to as a fanlight. This style of windows is primarily used to stream natural light in areas that may not be capable of having windows on the walls, such as corridors and hallways. However, you can also simply choose to install them for their aesthetics and the additional lighting they provide. You can opt to have the transoms mounted shut, or have louvres incorporated in them so that they can also work toward ventilating the space they are installed in.