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Some Questions You Might Have About Getting Your Car's Windows Tinted

Window tinting is so popular with vehicle owners that it's often offered from the dealer or manufacturer as an option for cars, although you can have window tinting applied if your car didn't come with this feature. If you're thinking about tinting the windows of your car, note a few questions you might have and then discuss the option with a contractor.    

What is the difference between professional tinting and the materials at an auto parts store?

It is true that you can buy window tinting, either as a film that you cut and apply to your car's window or as a liquid that you squeegee on and allow to dry, from an auto parts store and then apply it yourself. You might save some money that way, but chances are you won't be very happy with the end result. This is because applying window tint so that it doesn't bubble or streak requires some skill  and knowhow. The cheap film you get from an auto parts store is also more likely to peel away than the film applied by a pro.

Also, keep in mind that the tinting you get from the auto parts store may just make the windows darker, but this doesn't mean your car's interior will necessarily be protected. To block the sun's harmful UV rays and protect your car's upholstery, dashboard, and steering wheel, you need special types of tints that will have reflective elements to actually bounce those rays off the car. The tint you get at a parts store may keep the car a bit cooler, but for maximum benefits, it's worth investing in professional tinting.

Does tinting the windows make them foggy?

Very often a professional installer will need to add a liquid to the car's windows before the tinted film so that they can easily move this film around and position it properly. This liquid may need a bit of time to evaporate after the tinting work is over; ask your installer how much time it should take for your tint in particular and check with them if your windows still look foggy after that.

Does professional tinting take a long time?

Some shops might have your car or truck in and out in an hour, but note that if a shop takes longer, this might be so that they can thoroughly clean the windows and measure them. If your car's windows are very dirty inside, such as if they're coated with cigarette smoke residue, cleaning can take longer. Rare model cars may need added measuring for the tint. Don't be put off by the time involved to tint your windows as this can mean a quality job in the end.