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Why Shade Sails Would Be Ideal For Your Backyard

When homeowners consider creating shade in their backyard, they tend to gravitate toward structures such as pergolas or the installation of awnings. Although these are functional options that you could consider, they also tend to be quite expensive. If you are a homeowner that is looking for a low-cost alternative without compromising on functionality, then you should consider shade sails. Shade sails are made up of fabrics that are either square or triangular in shape. They  come on a range of sizes, thus ensuring they are beneficial to any type of residence. Here are some of the reasons why shade sails would be ideal for your backyard. 

Shade sails offer protection from the elements

Shade sails come in an assortment of materials ranging from PVC, acrylic or polyester mesh. The one thing these materials have in common is that they are highly water resistant. As such, shade sails would provide much better protection against wet conditions when compared to alternatives such as a pergola or cloth awnings. 

Secondly, when choosing shade sail materials, you have the option of selecting UV resistant fabrics. These fabrics are specially designed to protect you and your guests from the harsh ultraviolet rays from the sun. Ultraviolet resistant shade sails are also a great option if you are seeking shade that will prevent the premature aging of your outdoor furniture due to exposure to the elements. Overall, shade sails will afford you protection from the elements come rain or shine. 

Shade sails are easy to install

Another reason to consider shade sails is that they are convenient option when looking to create shade in your backyard. Pergolas, for instance, need to be constructed before they can be installed on your property. In addition to this, you may have to consider growing climbing plants on the pergolas to create a sense of privacy and also provide some degree of protection from the elements. All this is labour intensive work.  Shade sails, on the other hand, do not require professional installation. All that is needed is the erection of poles that will act as anchors for your shade sails. The shade sails are then secured in place using steel fittings. On the other hand, you could choose to install the shade sails directly onto a preexisting structure such as at the side of your home. Once anchored, the shade sails are quite sturdy and would not require to be removed in the event of gale winds like regular shade umbrellas would.