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The Advantages of Aluminium Doors and Windows for Your Home

Your home's windows and doors are an investment in your home's comfort and security, as poor-quality frames can let in cold air during winter and warm air during summer, hiking up your utility bills. Soft and weak frames can also be easier to break through, making your home more vulnerable to intruders. Since you want to ensure you choose the right material for your home's windows and doors, note a few reasons why aluminium can be the best choice.

1. It's lightweight but durable

Steel is very durable for doorframes and window frames, but it's also very heavy. In some cases, you may need to add additional bracing or framing around a door or your home's windows in order to hold the weight of steel. It can also be very difficult to replace steel doors and windows yourself because of this weight, whereas aluminium doors and windows easier to manage on your own.

Despite its lighter weight, aluminium is still very durable and difficult to dent, ding, or otherwise damage. Not only will this keep the frame in good repair for years, but this also means less risk of drafts that are caused by bent frames pulling away from your home, creating gaps and leaks.

The durability of the material also means that you can get this strength from a very narrow frame. In turn, you can have a larger area of glass for windows or the wood for doors, and the frame won't detract from their appearance.

2. It's easy to shape and mould

Aluminium can be moulded into virtually any shape or size, as it can be heated and then run around ring rollers or other equipment to create curves or bends. If you have odd-shaped windows, such as round windows, or if you want a unique look for your windows, you can have them shaped however you wish with aluminium frames that are custom made to fit.

3. It's low maintenance

Aluminium doesn't rust or corrode like steel, and it won't rot, chip, or collect mould and mildew like wood. This means it's very low maintenance and may not need any repair work over the life of your home.

4. Less heat and cold conductivity

Wood and vinyl both conduct lots of heat and cold, so they may trap hot air from outside around the doors and windows during summertime, or trap the cold of wintertime. Aluminium has very low conductivity, so the material won't get as cold or hot during extremes in temperature, protecting the atmosphere inside your home.