Clear Connection: How Windows Enhance Your Living Space

A Few Tips on Choosing the Best Window Style for Your Home

When you're choosing new windows for your home, you may be very concerned with the insulating properties of the glass and frame, with the window's locking mechanism and other such features. These are all important considerations to note, but it's good to also think of the style of the windows and how they open and close. Casement windows, with one section that slides up from the bottom to open, are common, but they're not your only option. Note a few tips on choosing the best window style for every space in your home so you'll be happy with those windows for years to come.

In the bathroom

The bathroom will hold lots of humidity and steam, so you don't want a stationary window that doesn't open, but you also want privacy in that space! Consider double-hung windows; these are casement windows that allow the top panel to slide down. You can open a small section at the top of the window and allow steam to escape, while not offering much of a view into the bathroom itself. Another option might be a tilt-in window; this style opens inward at the top. By tilting the window inside, you're still obscuring the view into the bathroom, while letting out that steam and humidity.

In the family room

In the family room, or any room that you occupy for many hours throughout the day, you'll probably want windows that open fully, for maximum air circulation and comfort. Casement windows have hinges on the side, like doors, so you can open the windows completely.

However, if you want to keep the windows open during a rainfall or when it's windy outside, opt for tilt and turn windows. These have hinges on the side like casement windows, but they also have hinges on the bottom, so you can tilt in the upper part of the window. This keeps out rain and high winds, so you get fresh air while still being protected from the elements.

In back rooms

If your home has a back laundry room or mudroom, or another room that you don't occupy for very long, you may want windows for added light and comfort, but may also be worried about security against an intruder. A stationary window, or one that doesn't open, can be a good choice in these areas. You might choose a rounded or hexagonal shape, or have the window built into a corner so that you get maximum light and openness in that room.