Clear Connection: How Windows Enhance Your Living Space

The Bi-Fold Advantage

For a long time, bi-fold doors were popular in commercial buildings, but homeowners increasingly appreciate the great features that bi-folding doors provide.

Three advantages of bi-fold doors are discussed below so that you are convinced that you will be making a good investment.

More Light 

Traditionally, the amount of natural light that gets into a room was dependent on the size and number of windows that the room has. Because external doors remain closed most of the time, they have never been a favourite candidate for allowing natural light into a room. The bi-folding door seems to have been invented with this problem in mind.

Because they are usually made of large glass panels, exterior bi-fold doors will allow for maximum penetration of light into a room, even when the door is closed.

Also, because of their size, bi-folding doors allow in more light than a normal size window would allow into the room.

More Space

Another advantage of bi-fold doors derives from their mode of operation. In most cases, these doors are designed to open outward rather than inward or to fold and stack neatly to either the right or left side of the door.

For this reason, the installation of bi-fold doors does not use up any of the internal space within a room. This allows you to make maximum use of the available space in a room. The fact that bi-fold doors do not need internal clearance space to allow for the door to swing inward when being opened makes them a favourite choice for homeowners working with limited space.

Uninterrupted Views

In some way, a bi-fold door is almost like a larger version of the windows in your house. This is partly because bi-fold doors are made of glass, unlike traditional-style doors, which are often made of solid wood or stainless steel.

A wooden door or one made of steel will make it impossible for you to enjoy the awesome views in your back yard unless you intend to keep the door open most of the time. The transparent nature of bi-fold glass doors makes it possible for you to enjoy the scenic views in your back yard, even when the door is closed.

With bi-folding doors, there's no need to sacrifice internal space, scenic views or the entry of natural light into your indoor living spaces.