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Why Are Shutters Still So Beneficial to Homeowners?

Before the invention of glazing, people had to put up with holes in their homes to let light in. In Roman times, for example, the only way to stop heat escaping out of such a portal was to fit exterior shutters but this would also mean blocking out sunlight during the day. Now, homeowners can use strong windows and window treatments to protect their home from the elements. 

Today, there are plenty of internal window treatments to choose from including Venetian blinds, polarising glazing, curtains and Roman blinds, to name but a few. That said, exterior shutters are still considered to be a very effective and popular option. Why should you consider installing them on your property?

1. Improved Security

Exterior shutters are among the best ways to make your home more secure. Short of boarding your windows up, shutters provide just about the greatest levels of security around your home. Simply put, they prevent people from smashing windows or forcing them open by using a crowbar, offering a great deal of peace of mind in the process. When locked from the inside, you can sleep more soundly in your bed knowing that you are better protected.

2. Better Thermal Insulation

As well as creating a physical barrier that prevents intruders from getting in, exterior shutters will also prevent unwanted thermal losses. In the winter, there is nothing better for augmenting the insulation of your windows and minimising energy wastage. Equally, during the long summer months, even partially pulling your shutters across will prevent too much sunlight from coming in and warming your home excessively.

3. Sound Dampening

An often overlooked aspect of shutters is how much noise they shut out. This is a good idea if you have something loud in your home, such as a home cinema audio system or a drum kit, for example. Even better, shutters will block out the noise from passing traffic and passers-by making them an ideal choice for city dwellers who live in busy neighbourhoods.

4. An Architecturally Pleasing Look

Finally, it should be added that external shutters look great when they are fitted. Whether you have them pulled across your windows or set back against the wall, they provide a much-loved and classic appearance that will do down well with a range of architectural styles in both modern and traditional settings.

These are just a few advantages to consider. For more information, contact exterior shutters suppliers.