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Choosing Between Roller and Roman Blinds for Your Home

If you're choosing blinds for your home, you may be deciding between roman or roller blinds. To help you reach a decision, consider the following points.


A fundamental visual difference between the two blinds is that roman blinds create a plusher feel akin to curtains. Roman blinds fold in horizontal sections, and they come in diverse styles. Some have a cascading effect, while the horizontal layers of other types sit flatter. Thus, you can choose a fuller or sleeker design.

Roman blinds imbue a softer look than roller blinds that consist of a flat textile piece. However, you could install a patterned roller blind that breaks up the clean, straight edges if you want a softer impression. The resulting look depends on the particular pattern. Overall, if you prefer a plusher window covering, you may like roman blinds. For a cleaner, minimal look, you could install roller blinds instead.

Pairing with Curtains

Roller blinds pair beautifully with curtains. These two coverings complement each other, as a roller blind is aesthetically sharper or harder, while curtains are softer with folds and drapes. Together, they create a layered effect, and they don't clash. This is one way to make roller blinds look soft and classic. You can also combine roman blinds with curtains, but because both of these coverings are somewhat plush, the window can look fussy. However, the final look depends on the particular roman blinds and curtains that you marry.

Light and Privacy Control

Roller blinds provide excellent control of light and privacy, providing that you install a model with two blinds in one. Roller blinds come in different fabrics. For example, you can install a block-out blind that stops the light completely, or a screening blind that blocks light and allows you to see outside. Another option is a sheer sunscreen blind. With a double roller blind, you can pair a block-out blind with a sheerer screen. Thus, in the day, you can pull down the screening blind, while at night, you can pull down the block-out blind. In this way, you can adjust the coverings for all occasions.

Roman blinds come in different fabrics as well, including block-out and sheer fabrics. However, they aren't typically available as two-in-one models, as are roller blinds. So roman blinds don't offer as many options in controlling light and privacy — you either pull the blinds up or down.

One way around this is to pair roman blinds with curtains. You could install a block-out roman blind with sheer curtains that offer privacy and filter light. Alternatively, you could pair a sheer roman blind with block-out curtains. That way, you can draw the curtains and indoor blinds according to the conditions.