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The Advantages of Security Screen Doors

Whether you fit security screens over your home's windows or doors, they will offer a great deal more protection from potential intrusion. Of course, the main reason why homeowners choose to have security screen doors installed is that they want to feel more secure in their homes. By creating a physical barrier that augments the security of your doors, especially any glazed doors you might have, you will be able to sleep better at night and feel more comfortable when you are away from your home that would-be intruders cannot get in. However, there are more benefits associated with security screens than merely beefing up your home's security. What are some of the most important ones?

Keep Insects Out

Many people don't realise that security screen doors are not just good at keeping unwanted visitors at bay but they can also prevent the entry of bugs. All sorts of insects and other small creatures will not be able to get into your home if you fit screens. This way, even if you have your door ajar and the lights on inside, you will not be inundated by bugs that are attracted inside.

Maintain Greater Levels of Privacy

An often overlooked aspect of security screen doors is that they help to maintain better privacy inside. This is particularly true if you have French doors or glazed patio doors, which can often allow people to see in from outside with unfettered views. Instead of pulling curtains across and blocking out all of the light to maintain privacy, why not use screens instead which will do a great job of preventing prying eyes from looking in?

Keep Your Home Aerated

When you have your doors and windows open, your home will be much better ventilated. This is better for everyone inside but is particularly true if they suffer from a respiratory condition and benefit from fresh air. What's more, ventilating your home will help to prevent the build-up of mildew and other spores that can cause ill health. However, leaving windows and doors open can mean you will worry about the potential for unwarranted access. With screens in the way, however, air can flow through without causing any anxiety.

Add Value

Finally, you will add to the value of your property if you fit security screen doors. Many potential buyers will see them as an additional feature that boosts the attractiveness of certain properties. Therefore, installing them is really something of an investment in your home.

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